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Rock Steady Cane

The Rock Steady Cane

The Rock Steady Cane (RSC) was developed to help you achieve unprecedented mobility and stability in a light weight, easy to use design. The RSC is one of the most versatile mobility aid devices on the market. The RSC is made of light weight high-strength aluminum rated for up to 300 lb user and is available in stylish Black, Blue or Red anodized aluminum.

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The Rock Steady Cane



Large Footprint

The RSC has a very large footprint - over 100 square inches for amazing stability - and is sturdy on most uneven surfaces such as textured carpets, lawns, terrazzo tiles, etc.

Stability in Motion

Use the Rock Steady Cane like a conventional cane, pick it up and move with each step. Use the Rock Steady Cane in a rocking motion for more speed, yet great stability. Use two RSCs for greater stability, one in each hand - much faster than using a walker. Use it like a conventional walker in front of you.

Other Uses

The Rock Steady Cane can help the user get in and out of vehicles, or out of chairs or out of bed or off the toilet.


The Rock Steady Cane is easily adjustable for most user heights (5'0"/152 cm - 6'3"/190 cm). There are eight settings to ensure the proper height for each individual user. See FAQ titled, "How do I know to what height I should adjust the RSC?".

Comfortable Use

The Rock Steady Cane has a large, foam covered, tactile feel handle for great comfort of the user.


The Rock Steady Cane takes up little space. The feet can be easily folded inward to fit into most tight spaces. The Rock Steady Cane easily tucks between the vehicle seat and the door of most vehicles without folding. Just tuck the feet into the foot well of the vehicle.

Rock Steady Cane front view


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about The Rock Steady Cane.

What heights will the RSC adjust to?

The RSC has eight, one-inch height adjustments best fitted to individuals between 5'0"/1524 mm - 6'3"/1905 mm.
Note: Always make sure the brass adjustment buttons are securely seated in the mating holes before using.

How do I adjust the height?

1. Push in the brass indent buttons.
2. Slightly twist the aluminum tube and move the tube up or down to your desired height, then twist the tube back until the brass indent buttons snap into the appropriate mating holes.
Note: Make sure the indent buttons of both legs of the RSC are at the same numbered positions.

How do I know to what height I should adjust the RSC?

With your arms dangling loosely at your side, the handle of the RSC should be at the same height as your wrist.

On what side of my body, do I use the RSC?

Theoretically, your bad leg (knee, hip, ankle, foot) should be opposite the side of the cane. However, this depends on the strength of your hand and wrist and in which hand you are most comfortable with the cane. Use the side that is most comfortable and stable for you.

What side of the RSC goes next to my body?

The feet of the RSC have two different lengths. Always keep the shorter feet next to your body. This will significantly reduce the potential for tripping by accidentally kicking the longer feet.

How do I replace the rubber grommets on the feet of the RSC?

The rubber grommets will twist off the metal tubes. The rubber grommets are in direct contact with various surfaces, which naturally causes wear on the rubber. This is a natural occurrence that occurs on all canes, crutches and walkers. You can purchase new grommets at drugs stores, or big box home goods stores, and elsewhere. Note: Look in the bottom of the grommet to ensure you can see a metal washer. This washer prevents the ends of the cane's tube from cutting through the soft rubber grommets.

Can I use more than one RSC at the same time?

Yes. This provides more rapid movement forward along with greater lateral stability. Make sure to keep the short legs next to the user.

How do I put the RSC in my car?

  1. 1. Use the RSC to get to your vehicle and open the door.
  2. 2. Use the RSC to sit in your seat
  3. 3. Tuck the feet of the RSC into the vehicle foot well.
    Note: You might have to determine best fit with the short or long legs toward the vehicle side.
    Note: If the RSC feet are in the user's way, then push the adjustment buttons and rotate the feet 90 degrees. Please note what inch setting the RSC was set at.
  4. 4. Tuck the handle of the RSC between the seat and the door.
  5. 5. Close the vehicle door

How do I use the RSC to get out of a chair, or out of bed or off a toilet?

  1. 1. Place the RSC directly in front of you, with the short legs pointing towards you.
    Note: The height of the RSC might have to be adjusted depending on the height of the seat.
  2. 2. Place your hands on the handle or the cross bar or one hand on each, depending on comfort level and height of seat.
  3. 3. Gently lean forward and push down on the RSC while at the same time, raising to your feet, and maintaining your balance.

How do I use the RSC in a rocking motion?

  1. 1. Firmly grasp the handle with one hand.
  2. 2. Reach forward and place the back two feet on the surface.
  3. 3. Step forward and rock the RSC onto all four feet.
  4. 4. Keep moving forward and rock the RSC onto the front two feet.
  5. 5. Lift the RSC and repeat the process.

How do I use the RSC in a resting position?

You can use The RSC when you are out walking and need a break.

  1. 1. Place the RSC in front of you, with the short feet facing the user.
  2. 2. Lean forward over the RSC, with both hands firmly on the handle.
  3. 3. Maintain your balance and breath until rested, then continue on your way.

How do I use the RSC like a Walker?

  1. 1. Place the RSC in front of you, with the short feet facing towards you.
  2. 2. Grasp the handle with both hands.
  3. 3. Lift the RSC and place a comfortable distance in front of you.
  4. 4. Take a step forward.
  5. 5. Repeat the process.
    Note: It is possible to place one of your feet between the legs (frame) of the RSC. This allows a longer step by the User.
    Note: You may need to raise the height of the RSC by one or two inches depending on your height and comfort.


Here are a few real reviews from actual customers.

After having a knee replacement, I got a very bad infection, that caused the Dr to surgically remove my knee, and place me on antibiotics for a 5 month period. During most of that time, I used a heavy duty walker to get around. My walker is heavy and I had to always bring it in the car with me-so lifting it, in and out of the car began to be difficult for me. As I started feeling better, but still without a knee, I wanted an easier solution to my problem of how to go to the store, or a restaurant, without the difficulty of the heavy walker. A friend introduced me to the Rock Steady Cane, what a life-saver it has been for me. I'm now able to walk short distances, with my Rock Steady Cane, and it is so light and easy to just put in the car with me. A normal cane would not make it possible for me to get around, as they are just not steady enough for my needs. I've had so many people stop me and ask me how they can get one too. I love it because it's light-weight, easy to put beside me in the car, but stable enough for me to feel safe. So happy with my new Rock Steady Cane.

Linda M.

I like that it is wider at the top than conventional canes. The bar you hold onto allows you to hold on with both hands when you need extra support. I also like it because it is more stable than my other canes. The cross bar that is underneath the one you hold on to is handy for me because I fold my clothes over it so that when I take it into the bathroom to take a shower, my clean clothes are right there within reach.

Caroline S.

The Rock Steady Cane has made such a significant difference in my mobility. A traumatic accident caused significant damage to both of my legs and the eminent amputation of my left leg. I have used many mobility devices. Crutches seemed to be my best option until I started using the Rock Steady Cane. I am now able to walk with much more stability. Where I needed two crutches before, now I only need one Rock Steady Cane. It gives me the balance and stability I don't get from the crutch. I have a free hand to do household tasks, or carry groceries from the car and the Rock Steady Cane is also very versatile. I can use it to walk on uneven ground safely. I also like the convenience of the smaller size. It fits easily into my car, or between my bed and night stand. When I get tired while walking, the cane can be turned sideways and used to support my weight so that I can rest. I am much more mobile and feel significantly safer while using the Rock Steady Cane.

Stacey M.

When I had my first hip replacement, they gave me a walker. I put so much weight (about 200 lbs) on it that the plastic wheels on it completely ruined the hardwood floors in my house. When my second hip was replaced I used the Rock Steady Cane. It gave me enough support. At first I used it with two hands in front of me with all of my weight. The four rubber feet were great at protecting our wood floors.

Several things I liked about the Rock Steady Cane: First, when I no longer needed as much support I just used it like a cane on the side opposite the new hip like I would use a normal one point cane, but with more stability. Second, I found that when walking down a slope I could hold onto one top corner of the wide handle and it gave me a little more reach in front of me by using the advantage of the diagonal being longer than straight down. Third, it didn't damage the wood floors in my house. Finally I think the thing that I found most helpful was using it when going somewhere in the car. I simply put the feet of the Rock Steady Cane in the foot well and stuck the handle beside the seat between me and the door. I would set it outside before I even started to get out of the car. If I was parked on a hill, it would hold my door open while I got out. I no longer had to scoot along the car trying to use both hands for support to get to the back seat for a walker and then lean on the car while I unfolded the awkward walker. The Rock Steady Cane has been a Godsend in my life!

Norman S.

My mother just had her second hip replacement when we got the Rock Steady Cane for assistance in her recovery. The cane was fabulous as a stabilizer getting her up and down from bed and/or chair, or assistance in walking or physical therapy. The cane was far more stable than other canes used previously and less cumbersome than a full walker. We highly recommend the cane to anyone in these circumstances or others.

Nick H.

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